Is the Subaru the Best Car Money Can Buy?

The world should be paying attention to the Subaru these days. While it only accounts for a little less than 2.5% of the overall auto sales in the United States, it packs a big punch. After all things considered, the Toyota Camry sells more than the entire lineup of Subaru vehicles. The Subaru is primarily a favorite to car buyers in the Northwest and Northeast but not in any other part of the country.


What a lot of people are unaware of is that they have a lot of endorsements from independent automotive arbiters and have been getting some press regarding their overall safety and quality. They were even picked as a top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With all of these amazing achievements, the Subaru is now boosting up the sales charts.

Subaru Sales

Since all of these awesome achievements are becoming widely-talked about, people are flocking to local dealerships to check out the latest Subaru models. Subaru dealers near Frankfort are reporting that they can’t keep enough of them in stock. Over the last year the sales have gone up over 25% and continues to rise.

Why Subaru?

So how is Subaru as a brand creating all of this buzz about their makes and models? It is not just the widely-acclaimed achievements but it is also because it is a stylish and safe vehicle. Safety is a top priority for Subaru, but it can also be appealing to individuals who seek out style and feel it is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

Subaru is using this recent press to continue to build a huge name for itself as a company and as a real competitor when it comes to safe and reliable vehicles. Instead of car buyers seeking out Subaru vehicles in the Northwest and Northeast parts of the country, people are flocking to the Midwest states as well to get the latest model.

Choosing the right vehicle for you and your family can be a challenging decision to make. But the achievements that Subaru has accomplished makes them amongst the leading competitors when it comes to safe vehicles with a lot of style and class. While press isn’t everything, it definitely means a lot when you are rated a top safety pick. Which makes it a good choice as a family vehicle.

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