Avoid Serious Home Damage With Excellent Septic Repair in Tacoma

A septic system is a common means of dealing with sewage in rural areas or other places where municipal sewage treatment systems are not available. It works by collecting the waste in a large tank and slowly leaching the effluent (liquid waste) into the surrounding soil. The latter function is known as percolating because the waste water slowly filters or percolates through the soil before being returned to the local water table.

The septic was designed to reduce the chance of waste contaminants entering the drinking water. This was a common problem in earlier eras because the most typical means of treating sewage was a cesspool. This is usually an open top pit that allowed the waste to enter the soil directly.

The main problem with the septic system is the need for the occasional Septic Repair in Tacoma. That is, the tank could get full and force the waste into the pipes. A blocked set of field lines turns the septic system into a simple storage tank that will fill up very quickly.

Even worse, a clogged tank can force the waste back into the home and result in thousands of dollars worth of interior repairs. Cleaning the mess from a reverse flow of this type is not feasible because the raw sewage can soak into materials such as drywall or carpeting and cause the space to stink for a very long time.

One area where Septic Repair in Tacoma is required is the point where the sewage enters the tank. This inlet is typically a large pipe fitted with a ‘T’. The fitting is used to keep sewage from returning into the building, but it can also cause blockages if the tank gets full.

A full tank that is not emptied immediately can result in solid masses collecting inside the pipe. In certain cases, the system may still drain and this could allow a problem to grow. Eliminating this sort of clog can be difficult since it has had time to pack down tightly. Even the use of a rooter may not be enough to break through the accumulated soap, grease and other gunk.

One way to eliminate these problems is a hydro-jet cleaning system. Hydro-jetting is a high-pressure cleaning method that forces the debris out of the pipes. This procedure usually requires an access vent because the connection at the septic tank prohibits the introduction of the cleaning tool.

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