Finding the Right Source for Hazardous Location Lighting

Do you have to work around fumes or volatile materials? In some professions (like automotive and heavy truck mechanics) your job may take you close to gasoline, brake fluid, and other materials that are not only flammable, they could be the source of an explosion. That’s why it is extremely important to choose the best source for hazardous location lighting. Here are some tips to help you find the best products at reasonable prices.

What Are Hazardous Locations?

Hazardous areas are identified by specific zones. For example, businesses like refineries and dry-cleaning facilities are in Class I. Class II includes areas like grain elevators and flour mills. Fires and explosions can happen in these locations, and sparks from lighting can sometimes trigger them. The best manufacturers and distributors understand your needs and make sure you get hazardous location lighting designed for your type of facility.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Price

Everyone loves a bargain, and you want to keep your operating expenses to a minimum. However, explosion proof lights are no place to cut corners. In fact, you must make sure that the lighting products you buy meet or exceed your safety needs, and the top products are not always the cheapest. Yet, when you choose a trusted source for your lights, you’ll receive affordable prices because they have to remain competitive.

Features to Look For

Make sure to choose lighting with rugged and durable construction. For example, the best lights have hooks made from steel and not plastic, and you can rotate them in any direction. Steel will not easily break or crack. The top brand lights have bulbs that can stand up to occasional falls and impacts. Experience is another important feature, so go with a hazardous location lighting manufacturer that has decades of experience in the industry for the best results.

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