Top Reasons To Upgrade To Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Kitchens in restaurants, cafés, cafeterias and even in breakrooms in workplaces are areas where there is a lot of traffic and a lot of potential for damage to the floor. Spills, drops, sliding furniture and even water and heat can create problems for many types of flooring.

To address these issues and to provide a beautiful looking area despite all these risk factors, epoxy commercial kitchen flooring makes an ideal choice. This is a durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing flooring that can take even the heat, traffic and all the spills and accidents that are part of this area.

Safety Considerations

One essential consideration when choosing flooring for any kitchen and food prep area is the safety for workers. Tiles and even laminate or other types of flooring can quickly become wet and slippery with steam, water spray or with food preparation activities.

To address this issue, epoxy commercial kitchen flooring offers a skid resistant surface. This is slightly textured to provide grip and secure footing for kitchen workers, even if there is moisture on the floor.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

In food preparation areas and kitchen, having a flooring option that can be easily and quickly cleaned and disinfected using the required commercial chemicals is a must. Some type of flooring will discolor or simply not stand up to the use of these chemicals.

With the use of an epoxy commercial kitchen flooring that is applied directly to the concrete flooring, there is an impenetrable surface. This resists any staining or damage from cleaning products. Without any type of seams and grout work on the flooring, it is also much easier to maintain and to ensure all required standards are met in the kitchen without extra steps for cleaning and sanitizing.

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