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Debt Collectors Constantly Calling? Stop the Calls with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Have you experienced a change in your family structure? Perhaps, a spouse has been laid-off work due to cutbacks. There are various life changes that can occur that can affect the financial structure of a household. When this occurs, the individual can face endless calls from creditors trying to collect a payment or the threat of a wage garnishment to repay their debt. In addition to facing foreclosure on their home or repossession of property because the individual is unable to make their payments. Fortunately, a bankruptcy lawyer in Norman OK can help stop creditors from calling and avoid possible foreclosure on your home.

How an Attorney Can Stop Creditors

A bankruptcy lawyer in Norman, OK can offer the options available to help relieve financial debt. Whether their client liquidates their assets to repay creditors or opt debt consolidation to repay creditors through one monthly payment through the court. An attorney can assist in making the right decision that can lead to financial relief. During this process, the lawyer can request creditors to ceases contacting their client or garnishing their wages during the bankruptcy process. This can eliminate undue stress for the individual while they work to become debt-free.

Financial Relief is Available with a Trusted Law Firm

Why continue to struggle financially and the stress from the harassment of debt collectors when a solution is available? Joe B. Lawter Law Firm can offer an answer and find the right option to help you gain financial relief. Whether you select to liquidate your assets or opt for one payment plan, they can provide the information you require to make a well-educated decision. From filing for bankruptcy to determining which debts qualify for financial relief, their skilled team can help stop creditors from harassing you.

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