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by | Sep 4, 2015 | Weddings

Putting a request for attendance on an Indian wedding invitation is a captivating and exciting way to invite your friends and family to your special day. No matter your nationality, these invites are glossy, sturdy and intricately crafted to make your marriage as special and memorable for guests as it is for the wedding party. Because this is such a momentous occasion, these easy-to-follow tips ensure you pick the Indian wedding invite supplier that best fits your wants, needs and deepest desires.

Inspect Their Selection of Wedding Invitations
Make sure you enjoy the designs of their invitations, because this is the most important part of the process. Look through the various types of designs, embroidery and handcrafted invitations they offer. Often, you can request which colors you’d like paired with which designs in order to match the colors of your wedding. The Font is also an important feature, as this is the first “official” notice your guests will receive other than a save the date. This font introduces you and your partner as a couple! Check to see if the company allows different font styles, printing or text layout to give your invitations a unique one-of-a-kind look. The supplier might provide different formats of invites, including wedding cards and scroll wedding cards.

Read Through and Ponder Their Mission Statement
It might sound cheesy, but a well-thought-out mission statement can communicate wonders about a company. A quality Indian wedding invitation will combine tradition and artistry in a truly modern sense. Traditional designs might be combined with modern fabrics, or more contemporary patterns might find themselves in a time-honored presentation. Invitation designers want to present you with a quality product for your unique and special day.

Research Their Services
Many individuals choose to have weddings filled with religious symbols, themes and motifs. If your wedding is religious in nature, find out what types of religious ceremonies they will create invitations for. Many suppliers will supply any kind of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or interfaith wedding cards, but it’s essential to know this before you get your heart set on a beautiful invite collection. Religious observances could change the language in which your invitations are inscribed, as well. Also note the price of the Indian wedding invitation design you want to make certain it fits within your allotted budget to purchase and to ship.

Depending on your faith and personal interests, ensure your Indian wedding invitation supplier can make your marital dreams come true. After all, nothing makes a perfect wedding like a perfect Indian wedding invitation. Contact Regal Cards.

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