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Planning an Engagement Party in Houston TX

Once a couple gets engaged, they may want an engagement party so they can celebrate this momentous occasion with friends and family. While planning an Engagement Party in Houston TX doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration.

Who Will Host (and Pay)?

Whoever hosts the engagement party typically pays for it as well. Traditionally, this task has been the responsibility of the bride’s parents, but these days anyone can host, as long as the bride’s parents get the first shot. In some cases, couples have more than one party, such as when they’re from two different places and don’t want to make the guests travel far or when the parents want a formal event with mainly family and the couple wants an informal event with friends.

Who’s Invited?

Consider the budget and the type of party the bride and groom want when deciding who to invite, as well as the guest list for the wedding itself. Anyone who’s not invited to the wedding shouldn’t be invited to the engagement party, as this can cause hard feelings. A smaller guest list can help keep the budget down while eliminating the risk of needing to add to the wedding guest list.

When and Where?

While the party is often soon after the engagement, it just needs to be some time before the wedding. There’s no need to rush into it right away and stress out the happy couple. However, the date needs to be decided before the venue. These parties can be as informal as a picnic in the park or a dinner at a restaurant or be more formal and held at a hall, such as the La Fontaine Reception Hall. Just keep in mind that the party shouldn’t be more formal than the wedding, as you don’t want to upstage the main event. Send out invites well in advance.

Food and Decor

An engagement party in Houston TX can have whatever theme you want and doesn’t have to use the same theme or colors as the wedding. However, it can be fun to plan the theme around some event in the couple’s relationship, such as food from the first date or decorating each table with something to commemorate different happy occasions during their relationship. Decor could be as simple as flowers on the table and food could simply be drinks and appetizers, it’s up to you.

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