When You Dream of an Outdoor Wedding

You are planning the most important moment of your life. It is the day you will wed the person you love with all your heart. You want everything about that day to be perfect. You have decided you want to go with someone who specializes in outdoor weddings near Bolingbrook. A country club is one of the best ways to go. You will get a beautiful venue with indoor and outdoor amenities. You can plan part of your event on the grounds and take it inside for the rest. You can do it all in one place. It is up to you. Best of all, you will have flexibility. Plan ahead in the event the weather doesn’t cooperate with yours. The staff will help you to make it happen the way you want it.

Make Everything Happen in One Place
Your wedding can happen start to finish in one location. Outdoor weddings near Bolingbrook can be the place where you say I do, party, and head off for your honeymoon. You’ll make it easier for your guests when they only need to show up at one place. The country club is the ideal setting. It will give you the chance to give your guests a beautiful location that is situated near plenty of hotels for accommodations. You’ll all be able to relax together as you share this day. It’s time to make memories together.

Turn to a Staff that Can Take Care of All the Details
Carriage Greens Country Club has been putting on successful wedding celebrations for 38 years. They have the location, the experience, and the staffing you need for peace of mind on the biggest occasion in your life. Visit our website to see what a country club wedding can mean for you.

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