Durable Hardwood Floors in Lawrence, KS are a Smart Investment

Whether building a new home or replacing existing flooring, many homeowners don’t give much consideration to hardwood because of the initial cost. Although it is more expensive to install than tile or carpeting, the long-term benefits of a home with Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS are well worth it. It’s not uncommon for hardwood flooring to remain functional for decades with proper maintenance. Compared to carpeting that may need to be replaced in just five years, wood floors are a sound home investment.

Enjoy Clean and Allergy-Free Flooring

Hardwood flooring is typically easier to maintain than carpeting. Dirt, mud, and food stains can be extremely difficult to remove from light-colored carpets. Even if the carpeting can be successfully restored to its original state, sometimes the unpleasant odor from spills will linger for days.

Households with allergy sufferers will appreciate the health benefits that wood flooring provides. Carpeting can still retain a good bit of dust and allergens even with frequent vacuuming. Dog and cat owners can relate to the hassle of trying to keep carpeting free of fleas, fur, and pet dander. Installing hardwood flooring in bedroom areas will allow family members to sleep better without the constant annoyance of sniffling or sneezing.

Boost a Home’s Value with Hardwood Flooring

It’s no secret that installing Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS can help increase a property’s value. Besides increasing worth, it also creates added beauty and warmth that make a house easier to sell. Regardless of whether a home has a traditional or modern-style interior, hardwood floors blend well with any type of decor.

Provides a Variety of Decorating Choices

When it comes to wood flooring, consumers have many options. There are a number of colors and styles available that let buyers create a room to match their individual taste. From unique stain finishes to unfinished hardwood floors, customers can select from an array of choices.

They also offer installation of laminate, carpeting, vinyl, and tile flooring. New and existing customers can take advantage of Capital City’s free estimates and convenient financing options.

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