Different Style Options Available in Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl was once seen as a cheap option. With the current upgrades in how vinyl is produced, it is now one of the most appealing affordable options for flooring. The vinyl of the past is not like the vinyl of today. Today, vinyl is seen as a way to bring in different styles and looks without making those major investments into higher priced material. If on a tight renovation budget, this flooring option should not be ignored.

Vinyl Flooring has taken on the appearance of wood flooring. Like wood, it contains the grains and color variations found in wood. This look can be replicated in areas where a traditional wood floor is not recommended. These areas include the laundry room, basement areas and mud rooms where exposure to water is a constant threat. Unlike wood, vinyl is naturally water resistant. It also doesn’t need to be resealed every few years.

Vinyl can also mimic different types of tiles. Marble and stone tiles can be extremely expensive to install and maintain properly. Uneven floors, improper floor support and high impact zones can cause breakage. Since vinyl adapts easily to different floor challenges, the look of marble tile can be obtained. This can be done without a lot of expensive repair work. It can also be laid down in half of the time of tile floors.

Vinyl Flooring designs don’t always mimic other materials. This is an advantage if searching for an out of the box idea. Rooms designed for fun or for play aspects can find unique patterns and colors in vinyl. The beauty of this material is that it easy to install. If the vinyl pattern isn’t working, it can be changed out and redone fairly easily. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, sun rooms and mud rooms are areas where a tough, durable, waterproof flooring is needed. Sometimes, the answer isn’t always to go the traditional wood or carpet. Vinyl has many different options and styles to choose from. Many vinyl floors can be easily installed and used quickly. To find out all of the different options available in vinyl, contact Carpet Discount Warehouse.

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