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The Need for Professional Basement Waterproofing in Fairfax County VA

Moisture or actual water inside of a basement can create a fair amount of problems. The reason for this is that basements are used for a number of different applications.

Some people use basements for storage, and for utilitarian purposes such as housing laundry equipment, hot water heaters and air conditioning systems. Other people use basements for living space such as a home office, family room or perhaps bedrooms. There are other situations where basements are used as income properties. Whatever the case may be, if a basement has a high level of moisture, or if the basement actually has water leaking into it, professional waterproofing in Fairfax County VA may be necessary.

There are a number of reasons why a basement may be dealing with high levels of humidity and moisture, or may be dealing with standing water. Most common are leaks in the basement walls. Over time, cracks can appear in the walls, causing moisture to seep in from the soil surrounding the basement walls, creating a collection of water or leading to high levels of humidity and moisture.

This issue can be further exacerbated by gutter systems that don’t properly move water away from the house. This increases the moisture content in the soil surrounding the home and, in some cases, not only can it make the moisture problem in the basement worse, it can contribute to further degradation of the basement walls.

In these situations a company that handles Waterproofing in Fairfax County VA will need to come in and determine the scope of the problem. Sometimes it’s sealing the cracks and then covering them with a waterproof primer or paint. In other situations, reconstruction of segments of the wall may be required. In extreme cases, total excavation around the exterior of the wall will be needed to further waterproof the basement walls to ensure that moisture levels are kept in check.

Whether it’s a simple fix, or something more substantial, it’s important to address the issue as quickly as possible. Not only do high levels of moisture and humidity promote mold growth, standing water can ruin stored items as well as destroy building material, such as carpeting, insulation and drywall. To learn more about the possible culprits of a damp basement and how you can fix it, you may want to check out website domain.

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