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Decorating and Enhancing the Appearance of Chain Link Fences That Keep Dogs in the Yard

Getting a dog can be a life-enhancing experience for the entire family. Dogs love to have room to run around and explore, and a backyard can provide a safe place for these pets. The animals will need to be contained in some manner, and Chain Link Fences are ideal for this purpose. This type of fencing is a good alternative to privacy fencing when homeowners don’t like the idea of feeling so enclosed and cut off from the rest of the neighborhood. The chain link option allows people to spend time in the yard while being able to see what’s going on elsewhere. The dogs enjoy it as well, since they appreciate keeping an eye on activity beyond the property.

Some homeowners worry that Chain Link Fences in a residential setting give the property a commercial or institutional look. They can avoid this by choosing colored fencing or by strategically planting bushes, wildflowers and other plants around the fence. A weeping willow tree that drapes down over part of the fence can be attractive, and cedar shrubbery helps hide some of the fencing. These features also provide shade for the dogs that the animals appreciate during warm, sunny weather. Chrysanthemums grow bushy and tall, while lilies also are tall-growing flowers that add loveliness to a fenced yard. Depending on how the yard and fence is arranged, some plants can be placed inside the fence and some outside.

Adding wood or vinyl trellises is another way that some homeowners enhance a chain link fence. This is a relatively uncommon decorative method that makes the yard look particularly stylish, perhaps in a British or Welsh sort of way. Climbing vines give the area an air of old-world stateliness. There are numerous other possibilities for decorating a chain link structure as installed by a company like Jenks Fence. The homeowners might consider adding flowers growing in wood buckets or wheelbarrows, or placing old wagon wheels alongside the fence. This type of structure also is easy to decorate with lights at Christmastime. The dogs will still use the fenced-in area even if there’s snow in the yard. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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