3 Qualities You Need in Hard Chrome Platers

There are 3 qualities that you should look for in hard chrome platers (the company that applies the hard chrome).If you are considering hard chrome plating for your products or parts there are a couple of things you likely already know about hard chrome like:

  • It can resize parts
  • Can be manipulated for different finishes
  • Can be used to restore old and worn parts
  • Can be used to improve the strength, rust resistance, durability and longevity of new products and parts

You probably have done enough research to know that hard chrome plating is something you want for your products or parts. The next step is choose the plating company that you are going to use. The three criteria that you should look for is listed below to help you decide which plater is going to be able to meet your needs.


You want a plater that has the experience to handle your project. A company that has worked across the board with a wide range of industries on a wide range of project is a good choice. There is nothing that can replace experience.


A well-established company will have the experience AND the equipment to plate a wide range of products and parts of varying sizes to best accommodate their client’s needs.


You want to choose the platers that have the options that you need. Some platers are not able to do hand plating, while others are able to do hand plating but they cannot handle the really big jobs. Choose a company that can offer it all.

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