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Choosing the Right Scope for Your Rifle

A good rifle scope is a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys shooting. The benefits are great as you can see things far away like they were right there next to you. However, when you shop for scopes and scope mounts you have an entire world of selections to choose from. So what are you going to buy? Here is some helpful information to get you off on the right foot.

Why Are You Shopping for a Scope?

When you answer this question it will help you determine your needs. Here are some of the main reasons rifle owners want scopes:

 * More accurate shooting – cross hairs are much better than looking through the front and rear sights of the weapon.

 * Long distance hunting – are you thinking about deer hunting or do you have the need to shoot from a long ways off?

 * Enhanced target shooting

 * Faster shooting – with scope sighting you can increase the recovery time between shots.


How much can you afford to spend on a scope and scope mounts? This is an important consideration because it helps you focus on the right price range. It can also save a lot of time spent on checking out things you simply cannot afford. When you make up a budget for your equipment, remember, get the finest scope you can buy for best results.


How far do you need to see? This will help you determine what kind of magnification you need. Most shooters can get by with 10X power, but if you need to shoot from a considerable distance, you may need something as powerful as 20X.

Standard Crosshairs or Mildot?

For more accurate shooting, some people prefer a mildot reticle over standard crosshairs. Toward the center, the crosshairs turn into little dots and each one represents a specific distance (like 100 yards). By knowing the distance, the shooter can allow for elevation along with wind speed and direction.

Scope Mounts

Mounts for your scope are a very important consideration. For example, you can choose from one piece or two piece mounts. If you plan to go with a long and relatively heavy scope, a one piece unit may be your best choice. However, for those with bolt action rifles, a one piece mount may actually be in the way, and you may be better off choosing a two piece mount.

Buying a set of individual scope rings makes mounting a little easier because you are not limited by the preset alignment of a one piece model. Plus, individual scope mounts are usually lighter in weight and you may be able to buy them for a lower price.

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