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Improve Communication With Tenants Through Top Property Management Answering Services

Property management is an important role in not only ensuring the care and maintenance of the building but also in ensuring the tenants have access to necessary services and emergency help as needed. Property management answering services that can be designed to assist tenants after normal business hours help to maintain that positive relationship and keep the manager notified of any issues.

Low Cost Monthly Rate
Rather than use a live operator service that charges per call, or limits your calls to a specific number for a quoted price and then charges extra, automated property management answering services charge on a single flat monthly rate, regardless of the volume of inbound calls.

This provides the most effective way to budget, as there is never a concern about what the bill will be. In addition, along with unlimited calling, there is also the advantage that the system will pick up on the first ring, letting tenants know you value their time and are interested in addressing their concerns.

This type of system can also be designed to automatically shift to call forwarding when you are out of the office. This means that during business hours you can answer calls on the go, or choose to have the system answer and record the message.

Customized Message
With the best property management answering services it will also be possible to fully customize the message. This will allow you to provide specific information to your tenants and to have a complete record of all incoming calls.

Additionally, look for a service that will automatically email information on the messages. This allows you to listen to the actual information provided by the customer at your convenience and from any device you can access email.

Most property managers will also want to have the option for the tenants to be able to escalate an emergency situation. Broken pipes, storm damage, fire or other types of emergencies can be immediately reported the property manager on call, allowing for immediate response when needed. Messages that aren’t emergency messages can be reviewed at your convenience, or even handled on the next business day.

Customized messages for prospective new tenants can also be included on the system. This allows you to describe the property and have that information available even if the prospective tenants call in after normal business hours. This alone can be the difference in a tenant choosing a specific location as it speaks to the level of care taken in providing support to tenants.

To make property management easier, No More Phone Tag offers automated property management answering services that can be fully customized to your needs.

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