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A Brief Overview Of AR15 Magazines

As every gun owner knows, each part of the weapon is uniquely designed to work with other components to create the ideal shooting experience. Through the use of aftermarket parts and components, including magazines, it is possible to enhance the performance of an AR15 or to personalized the weapon to your shooting preferences.

When choosing AR15 magazines, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. While these are not the most expensive component on the gun, making a poor choice in magazines will impact your ability to hit the target, to enjoy your time on the shooting range or hunting, as well as the time you have to spend dealing with jammed weapons.

Quality in Manufacturing and Design

With a reputable gun part manufacturer, the design is step one in getting the best quality of AR15 magazines. These may not be the lowest cost magazines online or in retail outlets, but they are the ones that will be the most effective over the long run.

Cheap quality materials and design are often difficult to spot, particularly for someone new to shooting and gun ownership. Rather than take the chance, staying with a brand name in the aftermarket gun parts and components industry is always the best option.

Number of Rounds

There are different options for the number of rounds in AR15 magazines. Most commonly there are the smaller 5 round magazines, the mid-sized 10 round and the larger 30 round capacity magazines. It will be important to consider your shooting requirements to determine which size of magazine is the best option.

Most gun owners will have a variety of sizes of magazines on hand. This allows the gun owner to choose based on the type of shooting, the weight of the gun and the need to reload the magazine throughout use.

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