Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain in Marlton, NJ Has Additional Benefits

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Chiropractor

People who receive chiropractic care for relieving back pain in Marlton, NJ will be glad to hear about research indicating additional benefits of this therapy. Research has found that regular chiropractic adjustments significantly improve immune system functioning. That means patients receiving this type of care should be less prone to coming down with contagious illnesses.

Case reports have also focused on chiropractic care as helpful for minimizing the symptoms of allergies and asthma and for decreasing the frequency of ear infections and sore throats. More research is needed on these topics, but the initial findings are intriguing.

A chiropractor offers spinal manipulation and other therapies to relieve the pain by moving the musculoskeletal system back into proper alignment. Chiropractic cares at a clinic such as South Jersey Health & Wellness Center is not intended to directly heal the body. Instead, moving the vertebrae into proper alignment allows the body to better heal itself.

The treatment helps regulate the nervous system, which has positive effects on the entire body. Essentially, it allows the nerves throughout the system to communicate more effectively. One of the positive reactions the physical system has to the change in alignment is a better-regulated immune system. Some studies have found improvements in white blood cell counts when HIV patients receive chiropractic care. That is a noteworthy result.

People who are run down from a poor nutritional intake, lack of sleep and a lifestyle that is excessively busy can develop back pain in Marlton, NJ due to stress factors. Chiropractors, as holistic practitioners, also address the underlying factors that are causing the problem. Patients are encouraged to participate in stress-relief strategies like meditation and exercise. Those activities, in turn, should help the person sleep better. Improving the diet is important as well.

In addition to spinal adjustments having positive effects on the immune system, these other activities will also improve its function and help prevent illness. Patients receiving care for back pain may want to take note of whether they experience fewer contagious illnesses than usual and if they feel better in general aside from pain reduction.

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