Call the Best Probation Violation Lawyer in Philadelphia When Your Are Charged With a Violation

Learning that your sentence includes probation in lieu of jail time can be a relief to anyone accused of a crime. However, with the ability to stay out of jail, you have to follow your probation officer’s rules. These rules may include things like abstaining from alcohol or drugs, getting a job or simply reporting to the probation officer’s office once every week. Failure to comply with any of the rules could land you back in court facing the same amount of jail time you avoided with probation. If you have been charged with a violation or your probation officer is threatening to violate you, you need the Best Probation Violation Lawyer in Philadelphia on your team.

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you learn of your probation officer’s intentions to file a violation. A lawyer may be able to work with your probation officer to avoid the charges if you hire a lawyer early enough. If the charges have already been filed, your lawyer may defend you against the charges in court. You should know that your probation violation hearing will not be the same as the court appearances you attended for the original charge.

You cannot have a jury at your probation violation hearing. The burden of proof falls on your probation officer. Your probation officer must show the judge proof that you violated the terms of the original probation. Your lawyer may also present evidence and may call witnesses to testify on your behalf. The judge has a number of options if you are found to be in violation.

While the judge can send you to jail to serve the original sentence, that is often a last resort. If you are able to comply with the terms of your probation, the judge may reinstate the probation with the same or different terms to allow you another chance to follow the court’s orders. The judge may impose additional consequences to the sentence, including community service or fines in addition to the supervision. To have a chance to avoid all of the consequences of a probation violation, hire the Best Probation Violation Lawyer in Philadelphia. For more information visit website

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