5 Great Places to Find Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia

The value of copper wire has risen considerably in Philadelphia in recent years, making scrapping a popular–and profitable–hobby. Still, it helps to know where to look if you’re interested in scrapping copper for profit. If you plan on cashing in at the scrap yard, here are the best places to find Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia.

Large Appliances

Big household appliances like clothes dryers, freezers, and washing machines can yield good amounts of Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia. Where to look? Check the thick insulated wires in the back for valuable copper scrap that can be sold to scrap yards for a surprising amount of cash.

HVAC Systems

Older heating and air conditioning systems can yield a great deal of Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia. If you’re tearing out an old heating or air conditioning line, the copper pipes are often thick and heavy and can end up being quite valuable at the scrap yard. And don’t forget about the wiring–the insides of HVAC units are often rich with copper-coated insides that can add in weight quickly at the scrap yard.


Computers are a great source for Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia. Look at the ribbon wire and insulated connectors inside the hard drive and computer tower, and don’t forget to check the thinner wires that connect the tower to the monitor. All are a great source of copper that can be sold at a scrap yard.

Small Appliances

Although large appliances will yield the most copper wiring weight, small appliances are a good source of copper scrap as well. Don’t forget to collect the copper wiring from toaster ovens, kitchen blenders, coffee makers and household fans if you want to maximize your copper sales. Every little bit adds up, and these small household items are easy to find because they’re often discarded or left on the curb.


Household electronics like gaming systems, cameras and cell phones are also a source for copper wiring. Collect the insulated charging wires of these items if you no longer need them or find them discarded.

Collecting scrap copper wiring can be a fun and lucrative hobby. All of the places discussed above can be great sources of copper that you can sell at a scrap yard.

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