Benefits of Rent to Own Instruments

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Business

At some point your child will probably want to play an instrument, so the question is, should I full out buy or rent it? There are many options out there for your child, especially if they are looking to have a long-term hobby, but if this is their first experience playing violin, you may not want to buy the instrument full out. A rent to own option may be what you and your child are looking for. This option will help you and your child figure out if the violin is right for them before you buy it. Here are a few things to consider when using rent to own instruments.

  • Things change. Your child might decide that they would rather learn how to play guitar instead of violin in the future, so what will you do with this almost brand new instrument? What if they only join band for one year, and don’t make this a lifetime hobby? You don’t want to banish the instrument to the closet forever, so a rent to own option is most likely your best option for whatever your child decides to do with their musical future.
  • You can exchange. If your child decides that they want to switch from violin to flute, or any other instrument, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do with that already purchased instrument. Instead, it can be an easy exchange rather than having your child play something they don’t want to. Also, if your child is starting at a young age, you are able to exchange instruments if they need a larger one as they grow larger.
  • Coverage for repair or replacement. A good rent to own program will offer some sort of coverage for the instrument. Since this instrument is in the hands of a child, travelling back and forth from practices and other events, accidents are bound to happen. If your child tends to travel for their band, theft can happen also. If you have bought this instrument, you may not have any coverage for it, but a rent to own program will add coverage for these things, so you can feel safe having it travel along with your child.
  • Purchasing. Most rent to own programs ask for a monthly fee, this fee can add up to be the same price as an outright purchase. Other times, the program will offer incentives for an early payoff, coverage for the instrument, and regular service, which can make rent to own options the preferred form for most families.

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