Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss?

If you find it difficult to hear and understand people speaking in person or by phone, you may need to have your hearing checked. The longer you put off a hearing assessment, the harder it will be to correct your hearing loss.

Schedule Comprehensive Testing

You can learn more about the extent of your hearing loss by scheduling a diagnostic hearing evaluation. By working with a specialist that offers the latest in clinical assessments, you can focus on how best to manage your condition.

Audiology Services

Some of the services offered by audiologists include the following:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations

  • Otoscopy performed to rule out middle ear infections or ear wax

  • Otoacoustic emissions testing

  • Middle ear analysis

  • Ototoxic drug hearing test monitoring

  • Electroacoustic hearing aid assessments

  • Auditory brain stem response (ABR) examinations

  • Otoacoustic emissions

Digital and Wireless Technologies

Once you undergo the prescribed hearing evaluations for your hearing loss, you can review the types of hearing aids that are available. Aids are featured in both digital and wireless technologies. Hearing aids are also designed to be almost invisible. Therefore, you do not have to be self-conscious about wearing a hearing device.

Hearing Accessories

After undergoing an exam for hearing loss, the audiologist will recommend the type of hearing aid you will wear. At this point, you can also choose from one of the various hearing accessories. For example, you can buy custom ear molds as well as premium batteries for your hearing aids. Counseling and rehabilitation services are also available for clients.

Who to Contact

When you choose to work with a full-service professional, you can enjoy one of a number of beneficial services that also include hearing aid cleaning and repair and routine maintenance. Learn more about obtaining a hearing evaluation and the various services by contacting a clinic such as Forest Hills Audiology today. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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