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Age in Place – In a Place That Fits

The age at which one is considered a senior citizen is now 65, but in retirement communities, the definition of a senior citizen is still 55 years of age. The definition of aging in place was originally for seniors to remain in the family home and make adjustments that allowed for decreased mobility, vision issues, and other age-related problems.

However, as the population ages, the definition of aging in place has evolved. The current definition of aging in place is seniors aging in homes that fit their needs, whether it is downsizing from a multistory larger home into a smaller single-story home, a condominium, or apartment. It can mean anything from assisted-living communities to retirement community homes for people over 55.

Not a Retirement Home – A Space to Live

Daytona Beach seniors should look at aging as an opportunity to find a community of their peers. Whether you retire or not is entirely up to you. Your age-in-place home should be a place you’ll be comfortable in and won’t require any special modifications for you to bathe, cook, or perform any of the other functions that you are accustomed to doing on a day-to-day basis. Considering the latest statistics on hip replacement, you’re not thinking of retirement community homes a minute too soon.

Why 55+?
There’s something to be said about living with people your own age. You share common experiences and cultural touchstones that can be a comfort as you age together. Seniors remaining in their old neighborhoods as those neighborhoods evolve may feel isolated as younger families move in. You’ll have friends your own age, lots of community activities, and a chance to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Look into Daytona Beach retirement community homes and see what they have to offer in terms of comfort, accessibility, and resources for adults 55 years and older.

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