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Do Not Pack Art Yourself Utilize White Glove Service

When you chose fine art for your collection did you try to find the cheapest pieces? Of course not. Fine art is an investment that needs to be protected whether displayed in your home, stored or shipped. White glove service is the answer when it comes to reducing damage, especially during packing, crating and shipping. Most art damages occur while being transported, resulting in reparations that are one of the top insurance claims. When you use the esteemed services offered by the professionals the major cause for art claims can be reduced. Keep your art in superb condition when you choose to use white glove service offered by professionals like Art Pack.

White Glove Is Synonymous with Premium

There is a big difference between white glove and regular services. White glove means exactly what it sounds like, a perfected touch that adds greater attention to detail. While precisely what white glove solutions entail may be different per company, the constant aspect that remains the same is the offering of premium packing, shipping as well as delivery service. It is the art of taking special care of fine art in a manner that is second to none and includes custom made crates, crating, packing, unpacking, installation and clean-up. Essentially all shipping concerns are addressed with greater attention to detail.

Make Sure Your Art Stays Safe, Secure and Intact

Peace of mind when it comes to your art investments comes with a name, Art Pack. Leave all of the hard work to the professionals concerning handling your art for shipping, they know how to package all items so damage is prevented. Up the guarantee of a safe delivery for your art when you use premium white glove solutions. It does not matter how fragile or large the art work is either. Your art is guaranteed to safely reach its destination with the goal of keeping it in pristine condition throughout the entire process.

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