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5 Things to Know Before You Hire an Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges, finding a criminal lawyer will need to be high up on your list. Finding the right one, though, can make or break your case. Use the following things to help you evaluate your options:

Word of mouth referrals

Reach out to people whose judgment you know and trust. Referrals from your friends and family as well as business associates and acquaintances can lead you to the right law firm or lawyer, says The Balance between less time and hassle.


Don’t just go for any lawyer out there. Look for one whose specialization and expertise is in criminal cases. A criminal lawyer who’s had years of experience in the field has the know-how and skill to know what cues and nuances to watch out for, ensuring efficient and faster results.


One way to know if you’re hiring a good lawyer or not is to go online and look for feedback. With plenty of lawyers and law firms offering their services online, it’s now easier than ever to find out information about them. By scouting around for reviews and finding good or bad ones, you’ll either know whether it’s a good idea to go through with the hiring or not.


It won’t hurt to ask for references from the criminal lawyer as well. A lawyer whose legal practice has been around for years won’t have a problem handing over a list of references. In fact, the best lawyers love it. If they’ve been doing good work for years, they know that their record and reputation are going to stand by them.


While credentials, reputation and skills matter, it’s also equally important to hire a lawyer that you get along with. Does your lawyer put you at ease? Are you comfortable? Do you think you can trust your lawyer? Ask yourself these questions before you hire one.

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