Who Should You Choose for Your Phoenix Infusion Treatment?

Choosing a provider for Phoenix Infusion treatment is an important decision. Infusion is an alternative to taking medications by mouth, for those who are ill or may have a medical issue that prevents them from ingesting their medication. An infusion center allows people to receive medications and other treatments as an outpatient. Previously infusions were only done in hospitals. The process is conducted through the use of needles or catheters.

Reliable and Convenient

Vasco Infusion offers a reliable and convenient setting to receive treatment. Their skilled physicians, nurses, and clinical pharmacists ensure that patients receive the highest quality care possible. This center accepts many insurance plans. Patients can receive care in private rooms that have free internet and television. Due to the specialized treatment that is given, wait times are shorter than those in hospitals.

An infusion center treats many medical conditions. Infections that are not responding to oral medication can be treated effectively through this therapy, as well as gastrointestinal illnesses when the patient cannot retain food or fluids given orally. Severe disease, such as cancer or Crohn’s disease, also benefit from infusions. Pain management is another medical issue that is addressed through the use of infusions. Dehydration can be treated and intravenous nutrition administered.


Infusion therapy is cost-effective. Copay assistance is available for some clients, which can help with the cost of medications. Since a center has lower overhead costs than a hospital, the treatment is less expensive. These centers aim to give the best care possible at the lowest price.

Scheduling a Treatment

Scheduling is simple and can be done by phone or online. Patients should wear loose-fitting clothing to make receiving the treatment easier. Those who can, should drink plenty of water before receiving a treatment. Contact our center today for more information.

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