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6 Things to Look for When You Hire a Family Law Attorney

Divorce, child custody, child support – family law cases often involve emotionally wrenching situations. If you need a family law attorney in Nassau County, here are a few things you will want to look for:


How much experience does your lawyer have? How many years has he been practicing? It’s also ideal to choose a lawyer who specializes in and handles family law cases like yours.


If the lawyer has been around long enough, what kind of reputation s/he have? A good record for settling cases in court is a good indication that you are hiring the right legal help, The Spruce says.


Talk to the lawyer and find out if s/he has too many cases or not. A lawyer who’s too busy to give your case the attention it needs won’t do you any good. Choose a family law attorney in Nassau County who enough time to personally handle your case.


Does your lawyer work on retainer? Find out if there’s an hourly rate on top of that fee. Know what will happen when that retainer runs out. It would also be wise to be aware of any hidden costs right now such as filing fees or travel costs that might be related to your case so you have a pretty good idea of how much your budget should be.


Find out how you and your lawyer will stay in touch. How regularly will s/he update you on the case? When will s/he call you up again? Be sure to get your lawyer’s contact information in case you have issues you want to clarify or questions to ask.


Choose a lawyer who is responsive with you, who returns your calls, texts or emails promptly and with little to no delay. If your lawyer takes days to reply, it might be better to look elsewhere for help.

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