Your Questions Answered About A Professional Tree Service In Spokane

Homeowners who hire professionals for tree service in Spokane have healthy and attractive trees in their yard. Since professionals have training and experience taking care of trees, they know how to correctly trim a tree and they can treat various tree diseases. Learn more about the valuable services of a professional tree service by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are some of the advantages of trimming and pruning trees in the yard?

A.) There are three basic advantages of trimming and pruning the trees that homeowners have in their yard. Performing regular tree maintenance by trimming and pruning keeps the trees from spreading out of control on the lawn. Trimming back specific branches will ensure that each tree grows in its own space without crowding other trees. Trimming and pruning trees for structural reasons ensures the trees have a healthy beginning and that they continue to grow and thrive every year. Removing unhealthy or diseased limbs will keep the trees in the best condition possible. When professionals trim and prune a tree for aesthetic reasons, they shape the tree branches to make the tree pleasing to the eye and to improve the entire landscape.

Q.) What are some additional services that a professional tree service offers to their customers?

A.) In addition to trimming and pruning trees, professionals from a tree service in Spokane can examine each tree to determine the health of the tree. Trees that are damaged from disease or insects will need to have special care so they can regain their health. A professional can also test the soil to find out if fertilizer is needed to improve the condition of the ground. If there’s an abundance of weeds around the tree, a professional can apply a solution that will get rid of the weeds without harming the tree. Along with comprehensive tree care, a professional can also trim and prune shrubs to improve their health and appearance. They often implement a weed control plan for shrub beds of various sizes.

Contact Spokane Pro Care for professional pruning, trimming and general tree care. Homeowners can request additional services of this company which includes lawn maintenance, weed control, pest extermination and sprinkler system repair.

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