Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX – What’s It All About?

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Foundation Repair

Foundation problems are relatively common in homes across the U.S. Whether a property is built on a slab foundation or there is a full basement; foundation movement can happen, and it can either settle downward or heave upward and may require foundation leveling to fix the problem.

A house’s foundation can shift because there are problems with the condition of the soil, under-slab plumbing leaks, compromised structural integrity in the footings, or inadequate drainage. Whatever the issue is, it must be addressed before foundation leveling in Houston, TX can occur.

Expansive Clay Soils

Areas that have expansive clay soils are prone to foundation issues. Clay soils tend to absorb water and then expand which exerts pressure or heaving upward into a property’s foundation. Once dry, the clay soil contracts and shrinks, causing the foundation to settle downward.

Water that collects under a foundation can cause lots of damage. If downspouts are not adequately connected to gutters, or are diverted away from the foundation, they will contribute to excessive water in the soil under the foundation. Patios, driveways, landscaping areas, and walkways that do not slope away from the property can result in water sluicing back toward the house and over-saturating the soil.

Differential Movement

Invasive tree roots tend to absorb large quantities of water from the soil below the foundation. This causes the soil to shrink and dry, and the loss of moisture can result in one part of the foundation moving more than other parts, which is known as a differential movement. In this case, foundation cracks may appear as steps or diagonal cracks, and can result in more structural damage than other kinds of shifting, so it is important to be knowledgeable and wary.

The foundation leveling process involves raising a property’s foundation as required and then penetrating through tough soils to provide optimum infrastructure support.

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