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Your Options for Custom Chocolate Squares

Chocolate squares are ideal for a variety of occasions, such as favors and promotional giveaways. When you are selecting the right custom chocolate squares, you will find there are several options when it comes to placing your image on the chocolates. The image you put on your chocolates will play a role in how impressed the recipients are by these delicious treats.

Image Squares

If you are looking to really make an impression on the recipients, you can choose to have your image printed directly onto the chocolate with edible ink. Whether you are using the chocolate squares as a way to advertise your business and want to include your logo or they are for a special event, you can choose any picture you desire, in black and white or in color. With the edible ink, everyone will be able to enjoy the chocolate, as well as the image you print on it.

One-Color Foil

Not everyone wants to print a picture directly onto the chocolates themselves. If you prefer, you can choose to have the custom chocolate squares wrapped in foil in one color and imprinted with your company logo or other image or text in another color. This will allow you to make a positive impression without spending a lot of money on the printing costs of the foil.

Multi-Color Foil

Those who don’t mind spending a little more money can choose to have those same foil wrappers printed with more than one color, up to four colors. This allows you to create the perfect image that truly reflects what you are trying to say to the people who will be receiving the chocolates. For instance, if you are using these chocolate squares as a promotional item, being able to give your customers the full-color version of your logo will have a much greater impact than a single color that is only part of your normal logo.

When you are choosing custom chocolate squares, whether to promote your business or to give as favors at an event, you will have several options from which to choose. If you don’t have a large budget, the one-color printed foil can be the right option. However, if you really want to impress the recipients, you can choose for the multi-color printing or even print up an actual image onto the chocolates themselves with edible ink. No matter which option you choose, everyone is sure to enjoy the delicious chocolate.

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