Use Lollipop Favors for a Unique Touch at Your Party

Finding the perfect way to send your guests home from a party while remembering the special occasion takes quite a bit of thought. Determining the likes of the guests who are attending, as well as creating something that is memorable, can seem a bit overwhelming. To please crowds young and old, lollipop favors are always a big hit. They are personalized for your particular occasion and are a delicious treat to eat, should your guests decide to eat it. There are a variety of parties that would benefit from these favors, including holiday parties, graduations and wedding celebrations.

Holiday Party

Whether you are hosting a corporate holiday party or having a quaint get together in your home, you want to have a way to thank your guests for coming. If you are a corporation or small business, you could have lollipop favors personalized with your company name as a reminder of your company and a way to say thank you for doing business with you. If your party is simply for fun, you can customize your favors with a holiday picture and a sentiment of “Happy Holidays” or something along those lines to wish your guests well during the busy season.


Graduates of any age deserve a big party for the great accomplishment they achieved. Any way you can find to commemorate your graduate throughout the party theme is always a great way to congratulate them over and over again for a job well done. Use lollipop favors that are customized with graduation caps, diplomas or the year of the graduation to decorate the room, as well as send guests home with a unique favor to remember your graduate.

Wedding Celebration

Even if you elope to Las Vegas for your wedding, you can still have a celebration back at home with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but it allows those who love you a chance to congratulate you and spend time with the two of you. If you want to be traditional and hand out favors to your guests, you can use lollipop favors that are adorned with Vegas-themed items, such as dice, slot machines or even a Las Vegas sign, to make guests feel like they are a part of your celebration.

Special occasions always warrant finding the perfect favors, whether to decorate the room or simply to send home with your guests. Any holiday, graduation or wedding party could use lollipop favors as a great way to thank guests and stand out as a unique way to celebrate your special occasion.

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