Would You Trust Used Auto Parts In Chicago?

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Automobiles

It is understandable that the manufacturers of new vehicles adopt a policy that, in the event of one of their vehicles requiring replacement components, you must only use their branded components. Warranties will be voided if any alternative parts are fitted on or into one of their vehicles. This makes economic sense for the vehicle makers but it nearly always imposes a financial burden on their customers.

Apart From Warranties, Is There A Technical Reason For Sticking To OEM Components?

Basically, the answer is “no”. This is particularly true when the component in question wasn’t actually manufactured by the vehicle’s original maker but supplied to them by a third party. A third party part can usually be purchased unbranded at a much lower prices than the identical OEM one. There are also many “exact copy” components available on the market and most of them are just as reliable and safe to use as the OEM component.

What About Second Hand Components?

If its owner has found it necessary to have a vehicle scrapped, doesn’t that mean that it is either totally wrecked or worn out beyond repair? Actually, this is rarely the case. Consider a front end collision that has totally written off the front of a car, it is quite likely that the rear end was untouched and none of the rear components damaged in any way. Wheels, light clusters, bumpers, maybe even some transmission components, etc from the rear end will be in good condition and perfectly safe to use as replacements for another vehicle of the same make and model.

Even a car scrapped due to old age could have some nearly new components fitted to it and these can be salvaged before the car is crushed to recycle its metal. Some components might need reconditioning before being sold on as replacements. The bottom line is that such Used Auto Parts In Chicago can be trusted and will save you money.

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