Things to Know about the Eurotherm 808 Controller

If you are in search of high quality and dependable process controllers, the Eurotherm 808 is one of the best choices you can make. These units are extremely versatile and used in a number of industries today. Plus, you have more than one option when setting them up. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits you will enjoy with the 808.

Vertical or Horizontal

The Eurotherm 808 controller is a vertical model. However, in some cases you may need to install a horizontal unit and the company makes a model 847 which serves the same purposes.


When you buy an 808 you can choose from a PID model or an on/off unit. You can also buy a unit which is programmable. On/off is pretty much self explanatory but PID means proportional integral derivative. Essentially, it is able to make adjustments to allow for errors. In fact, it can detect present and past errors and make adjustments for possible future errors.

If you need motorized valve control you can choose the model 809 (vertical) or 849 (horizontal). They have all the features of the 808 and 847 with the addition of valve control.


800 series units come with software and hardware options which can make it possible to use them in the plastics, medical and heat treatment industries.

Space Saving Features

If you have limited space in your control panels, the Eurotherm 808 will fit right in. You have the option of horizontal or vertical mounting and they work well in extrusion operations. In addition, you can mount them right beside other 808 controllers to save additional space. The 800 series units are commonly used in furnaces, incubators, autoclaves and sterilizing processes. 809/849 models are sometimes used to control the flow of gas, oil, and other fuels.

Improved Visibility

It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of both set point and variables in a process but with 800 series units this is simple. They have the ability to display both at the same time. Plus, when you do not wish to monitor all parameters, you can choose which ones to show and which ones you want to hide.

Remote Monitoring

If you want to monitor or control your processes from a supervisor’s office, this is not a problem with the Eurotherm 808. Plus, self tuning is also possible. When you add up all the features and benefits of the 800 series controllers, you will see why so many companies today are turning to Eurotherm for their process control needs.

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