Why You Should Choose a Dodge Gearbox in Texas

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Industrial Supplier

Finding how to most efficiently deliver power from an engine to the equipment doing work is one of the biggest concerns machinists have. Ever since the first introduction of engines into work, engineers have been attempting to reduce the amount of friction and energy lost when transmitting to the tool doing work. Obviously, it’s impossible to eliminate completely all energy loss, but it is possible to reduce it. That energy loss can be quite expensive, so a company that figures out how to reduce the loss can save a significant amount of time and money.

For example, automobile engines are typically rated with two or three different horsepower ratings; they’re rated at the engine horsepower, horsepower delivered to the transmission, and horsepower delivered to the wheels. Horsepower delivered to the wheels is the lowest figure because it has to transfer more times between engine and wheels. More efficient couplings can reduce the amount of energy lost. In an automobile, losing less energy means you use less gasoline and put less stress on your engine. That could save you a pretty substantial amount of money. A Dodge gearbox could reduce energy loss in a variety of different settings, from automobile to industrial applications.

Dodge DGF Gears

The DGF coupling is possibly the most popular Dodge gearbox in Texas due to its efficiency and interchangeability. According to several reports, DGF couplings are Dodge’s most power dense coupling ever, meaning they deliver the most amount of power ever. That’s only one reason people in Texas love them, though; they also are interchangeable with any other AGMA compliant coupling, which means that you can be positive whether or not a coupling will fit.

High Forged Steel

The newest Dodge gearbox is created from a high forged steel, which makes it incredibly resilient to high speeds and high temperatures. Also, that incredibly powerful steel means that you can downsize the coupling; it is made of such high quality and high strength metal that less metal is needed. Smaller couplings are going to be more efficient, which is part of the reason they can increase the efficiency.

That high-quality steel allows the Dodge gearbox to have one of the largest bore tolerances in the industry. The size of the bore is often limited by the strength of the metal used. Lower quality metals tend to crack, stretch, and deform in high-stress applications. The quality of steel Dodge uses, however, ensures that you can work with a very large bore size.

When you’re looking for a gearbox, you should think about Dodge gearboxes. They’re some of the highest quality gearboxes in the industry; high-quality metal makes them very small while remaining very powerful.

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