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Pillow Block Bearings: Basic Function

Pillow block bearings are an essential component of certain equipment. In Texas, manufacturing and distribution companies sell different types and models to local businesses for use by national and international industrial concerns. They are popular for various reasons including their design – with the best models engineered for durability, longevity, and functionality.

Basic Function

The function of this type of bearings lies in its definition. Pillow and plummer block bearings perform a similar function for different industries. While some equate the two types of blocks that encase the bearings, others do not. They differentiate between the two stating plummer blocks are for high load capacity and high-performance requirements; pillow blocks perform best and are found in industries requiring lighter loads.

Whatever the definition, this type of bearing has a straightforward function. They are the device that facilitates the smooth movement of machinery. They prevent the different parts from striking together resulting in damage. In other words, pillow and plummer block bearings:

Unify disparate parts
Prevent damage by averting negative interactions
Allows smooth operation of incongruent parts
Provide load support for a rotating shaft

What is also attractive about these devices is the easy installation. An individual does not have to possess an inordinate amount of skill or education in order to install them properly. They are also durable and, although simple in design, the engineering behind them provides them with longevity. This enhances their attractiveness for industrial concerns throughout the states including Texas, Louisiana, and California, to name a few.

Pillow Block Bearings

The material for the bearings and the housing or casing can and does bearing according to type and purpose. Aluminum, iron, and steel are often the chosen material for housing. Stainless steel is a favorite metal for the actual bearings for both plummer and pillow block bearings. Keep these distinctions in mind, as well as other factors affecting function and performance, when making your decision for your Texas operation.

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