Get Rid of Varicose Veins with Vein Clinics in Chicago

You can get rid of varicose veins with vein clinics in Chicago!  Varicose veins can be not only unsightly but they can be painful and lead to complications. If you have an opportunity to get rid of varicose veins WITHOUT surgery would you take it? There is a cutting edge procedure that is available that can help to get rid of these unsightly veins. A vein clinic that specializes in removing spider veins and varicose veins quickly and easily without any:

  *  Scarring
  *  Stitches
  *  Surgery

It can help you! This FDA procedure using laser treatment can help both men and women to treat these vein problems that can cause pain.  The treatment is covered by most insurances including Medicare.

ELVT – What is it?

ELVT (Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment) is the latest technology for the treatment of vein problems. It is so new that it is not yet being taught in medical schools. It was FDA approved a little over a decade ago.  This procedure allows you to get right back to your life. With surgical treatment it can take one to two weeks for recovery!

The process takes about 30 minutes and can be done right in the office. You do not have to deal with the risk of heavy anesthetics or scarring from stitches.  There is a much lower risk of complications with ELVT.


Since this is a relatively new procedure you do want to be sure that you use a specialist that has expertise using the treatment. Since not every doctor is able to provide this option you will have to make sure that the vein clinic that you are considering even offers it, than you will have to ask how long the doctor has been doing this procedure. There is a very high success rate with ELVT when you use a trusted provider that has the right experience. The success is largely dependent on the skill of the provider so you do want to make sure that you choose a provider that knows what they are doing and has done the procedure many times.

You do not have to live with varicose veins, if having surgery has been a barrier to you saying goodbye to unsightly painful legs you now have an option!  Contact an experienced vein clinic that specializes in ELVT and say goodbye to varicose veins.

Veins Without Surgery is one of the best vein clinics in Chicago to banish varicose veins. Call today to set your appointment for an evaluation!

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