Why OSHA Safety Training Is So Important in Orange County, CA

If your business operates in select industries, you are required by Federal law to follow certain rules and regulations as developed by OSHA. This is why it is so important for every worker you employ to undergo OSHA safety training in Orange County, CA.

Reduced Accidents

When all employees have undergone safety training, there is a direct correlation between this training and a reduction in work-related accidents. This not only means a decrease in workers’ compensation claims and, thus, a decrease in insurance premiums but an increase in productivity because workers will not be out sick or injured.

Remain Compliant

Government regulations have made many safety programs mandatory. Ignoring them and not requiring employees to undergo them can result in not only hefty fines being levied against your company, but there is even the possibility that it may be shut down, either temporarily or permanently.

Winning Contracts

In many cases, the only way to even qualify to bid on certain contracts is to prove that your company is OSHA-certified. This is especially true if you are trying to win government contracts. By showing the client that you are certified, you are also showing that you take the health and safety of not only your own workers but for anyone present on the worksite very seriously.

Emergency Plans

OSHA safety training in Orange County, CA, also shows you how to put together an emergency action plan in the event that something catastrophic happens in the workplace.

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