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Things to Look for in a Good Ergonomic Office Chair

Most people spend from 6 to 9 hours seated, working in an office almost six days a week. Office work can cause so much damage to your body. But with all the fuss and rushing, no one ever stops to think of the pressure they are putting on their backs and necks, especially the spine. Frequent neck, shoulder, and back pains are common with most office workers. It is crucial to get the best office chair when shopping for office furniture. Here are a few pointers to guide you.

Lumbar Support

The spine is naturally designed to curve, meaning a good office chair should have an adjustable back that perfectly takes your spine’s shape. This will prevent you from slouching after longer periods of working while seated.

Arm Rest

When you want to buy office chair Singapore, make sure it has armrests, there are crucial. The armrest should be adjustable, which will give you a relaxed posture with your elbows well-rested. However, during working time, ensure your lower arms and your wrists are not rested on the armrest as you type.


No one likes an office chair fixed in the same position and cannot move unless pushed. A perfect office chair should move around freely, allowing you to reach other areas of the office without straining. With a swivel chair, you can easily reach for files and other gadgets without having to get up from your seat.

Height and Width

The height and width of an office chair are crucial when planning to buy an office chair in Singapore. The height should be adjustable, allowing you to position your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a right angle and parallel to your hips. The width should be large enough to sit resting your back against the backrest leaving around 8 centimeters of space between the back of your knee and the seat.

There are many features you can look for in a good office chair; the ones mentioned above are only a few. Remember, even if you have one of the best office chairs, getting up once in a while from your seat and stretching is vital. Walk around at regular intervals. This will help support your posture, eliminate fatigue, and alleviate eye strain.

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