Why Mica Heaters Are the Best Choice to Keep You Warm in the Winter

During the cold winter months, you are probably wondering if have made the correct decision on which type of heater to purchase. There are many different types to choose from, but most industry experts agree that a Custom Mica Heater is your best bet.

Quick Heating

Mica heaters are renowned for their ability to heat up very quickly. They offer nearly instantaneous heating, so you do not have to wait for a lengthy amount of time to feel the warmth. Their ability to quickly heat any room they are in also means they are very energy efficient. Mica heaters also come with precise temperature controls so that they either shutoff or reduce their output after they reach the desired temperature.


The heat that a Custom Mica Heater generates will not take moisture out of the room. This is great news because it means that it will not leave the room overly dry and uncomfortable. You can leave the heater on for as long as you care to without having to worry about drying out your skin or suffering other ailments.

Safe To Use

Mica heaters typically have a high clearance area so you can position them next to other areas in the room with no concern of starting any fires or causing other heat damage. They also have a compact design so that they can be moved from room to room very easily.

When you need a high-quality mica heater, Jen-Ter Wire & Element Inc is the place to go.

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