Why Consider Professional Fence Repair In Chicago

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

In many instances, people in Chicago find that their fences need a little TLC. Repair of such fences may seem like a lost cause because it can be a difficult task. While many just rip it all out and start anew, you may find that repairing them is cost-effective and easy with the right professional.

Common Problems

Wood is considered more damage-prone than other materials because a variety of situations can happen. For example, insects and weather can wreak havoc, along with other problems. You can patch smaller holes or cracks with putty or wood filler. In some cases, you can just replace the warped or damaged boards, ensuring that everything matches.

Vinyl is usually one of the best options because it is virtually maintenance-free. However, cracking and other damages could be possible. In most cases, you cannot repair these fences in Chicago but must replace the affected part.

Aluminum is also an excellent product for fencing but can come with problems. Shifting soil is just one of them, but you can add more soil to the ground to prevent it from drooping or loosening the posts.

Replace Or Repair?

In almost every case, you will not have to replace the entire thing. Fences are designed and built so that they come in panels. You may have to replace one panel or area, but you won’t have to completely remove it all and start again. Most professionals recommend a complete replacement if you have to fix or replace more than 20 percent of the pickets or panels. However, the age of your fencing may also be taken into account.

Fence repair in Chicago is not considered easy because there are so many different situations. Visit Top line Fence now to learn which method is best for your needs.

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