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When You Might Need Appeal Bail in Colonie, NY

People who are arrested and put on trial for a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty and have a right to bail in most cases. However, people who have been convicted of a crime no longer have a right to bail, but a judge may consider bail for the defendant to get things in order before serving time or to get information for a lighter sentence. A bail bonds agency helps convicted persons get appeal bail in Colonie NY when a judge grants such. Here are some things to know about appeal bail in New York.

What to Know about Appeal Bail

Getting a judge to grant an appeal bail may be somewhat difficult but not impossible if the convicted person has good reasons for needing the bail. The judge will consider issues like what crime the person was convicted or if the person is a flight risk. The judge will also look at past information about the convicted person, how much time the person is facing, and the person’s ties to the community. As an elected official, the judge wants to be sure not to do anything that will damage his or her reputation.

More about Appeal Bail

The appeal bail may not be the best thing in the interest of the convicted person, especially if the sentence is already light. By the time the person gets an appeal, the entire sentence may have already been served, rendering the purpose of the appeal bail a moot point. Convicted persons should speak to their attorney to see if an appeal bail is possible and reasonable. If this is the case, bail bonds agencies will be on hand to help handle the bail part of the process.

A Bail Bonds Agency of Appeal Bail

Bail bonds agencies provide bails for defendants not yet convicted and for those who have already been convicted. Bernado-Goldstein & Quinn Agency, Inc. is a bail bonds agency that provides services to defendants, convicts, and others. If a convicted person is in need of appeal bail in Colonie NY, the agency is available.

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