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When Will A Person Need A Bail Bond in Gloversville NY?

Most people will never have to worry about getting money to pay a bail bond in Gloversville NY. But, if a person is stopped and arrested for driving under the influence, they will be taken to jail and then they will need a bail bond in Gloversville NY to get out of jail until their trial. What if a person is arrested for fraud, theft, murder, child molestation, assault, or other crimes that land them in jail waiting for a trial? One thing to remember, a person does not have to be guilty to be accused of a crime. Once accused, the defendant must prove themselves innocent.

Bail Bonds Give Hope

When a person is arrested and put in jail, they do not always have to stay there until their trial happens many months later. A bond hearing will be held and a bail bond amount will be set. A bail bond is a large amount of money the court demands to guarantee that a person will show up for trial if they are released from jail. The amount of the bond will depend on the type and seriousness of the crime, the worth of the defendant, and the likelihood of the defendant skipping town or the country to avoid prosecution.

When the bond has been set, the defendant can post the amount required and get out of jail until trial. This free time should be used to hire a lawyer, find witnesses for the defense, and mount a defense case that will have the best outcome for the defendant. When the trial happens and the defendant attends, the bail bond money is returned. If the defendant tries to skip town, the money is forfeited. The law will then do everything to find and re-arrest the defendant.

Bail Bond Services

Because of the great need for defendants to raise bail bond money, an industry of bail bond services came into being. These services have money to lend for a large fee. The defendant contacts the bail bond service to cover their bail for a fee. They sign an agreement to pay the fee and to appear in court for their trial. When they attend their trial, the bail bond is returned to the lender. Browse our website for more information.

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