What to Know About a Rental Agreement for a Roll Off Container in Cape Cod, MA

When a homeowner has a renovation project that entails removing portions of the home, he can use a Roll Off Container in Cape Cod MA. This will allow the homeowner to safely store old home materials until they can be disposed of properly. It also allows a homeowner to keep unsightly refuse in a discrete place. Learn about a rental agreement for a Roll Off Container in Cape Cod MA, to know your rights and responsibilities.

Before signing a rental agreement for a Roll Off Container in Cape Cod MA, a person should make sure all relevant parts are filled out completely. The person renting the container will typically be known as the renter. The company supplying the container is usually referred to as the owner. The size of the container should be on the rental agreement. Typical capacities for containers include six to eight pickup truck loads, 12 to 14 pickup truck loads, and 16 to 18 pickup truck loads. The delivery and pick-up dates should be listed on the rental contract.

Depending on the type of material put into the container, most containers can be filled to the top. Acceptable materials include construction debris, siding, roofing, drywall, appliances, yard trimmings, and mixed cardboard. Items that cannot be placed in a container include industrial wastes, hazardous wastes, oil filters, pesticides, televisions, and microwaves. A person may be charged an extra fee to dispose of forbidden materials. Disposing of these items takes extra precaution and steps.

A customer will typically be restricted from moving the roller container to another location other than what is listed on the rental agreement. When a company can’t gain access to the Roll Off Container in Cape Cod MA, a person may be charged an extra fee. A homeowner will be billed for any overload. The refuse will be weighed when the company picks it up. This can range from $50 to $75 per ton.

Using a roller container is a smart way to keep refuse contained until it can be disposed. For more information on a roller container, please talk to an expert at ABC Disposal Service. This company can handle many types of services for satisfied customers.

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