3 Effective Ways to Prepare for a Recycling Pick-Up in Eugene

Committing to recycling whatever you can is a great first step. Now you want to learn more about how to prepare for the recycling pick-up in Eugene that is to come. Here are a few tips that will help you get everything ready.

One of the first steps is to wash anything that needs washing. That includes glass bottles, aluminum cans, and other types of receptacles. Your goal is to ensure there are no liquids or other substances remaining to make the process harder to manage.

If anything that you plan on recycling includes a lid, it’s a good idea to remove it. While it’s possible the lids can be recycled, that won’t be done with the container. By separating the two, it’s easier to sort everything properly.

Last, you want to ensure that sort the items into categories. This makes it easier to ensure that each bag of goods makes it to the right destination. You may want to consider using different colors of bags for each of the material types you’re offering for recycling. See it as one more way to help the process of recycling remain easier.

If you have any questions about what and how to recycle, check with local centers or with the service that will provide the recycling pick-up in Eugene. Once you know what to do, it won’t take long to develop the habits needed to make the task of recycling simple and easy.

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