What To Expect When Planning Funerals In Allentown PA

No one has to plan a funeral alone, as funeral directors and other cremation or burial companies will provide support with each step of the process. While their support is often needed, it is a good idea to research the various options available for Funerals in Allentown PA, as it can alleviate stress and make the planning process as stress-free as possible. Here is a quick look at what a family can expect when planning a funeral for a deceased loved one.

Obituary and Memorial Service

One of the first steps is to construct an obituary for the deceased that can be published in local newspapers, and most companies have an obituary writer on staff to help with this process. Also, it is important to determine the location and time of a memorial service so the information can be published as quickly as possible. A funeral service can help with both writing and publish an obituary, as well as choosing an appropriate location for a memorial.

Burial or Cremation

The single hardest decision to make after a loved one passes is whether to have their remains cremated or embalmed and buried more traditionally. A company that provides support for those who are planning Funerals in Allentown PA can educate the family on their options and allow them to make an informed decision that everyone can feel good about. This decision is made even harder if the deceased did not express how they wanted their body to be handled before passing.

Clergy Selection

If a person has a home church, then selecting a minister to conduct the service and delivery a eulogy is rather simple. Those who did not attend church on a regular basis may need assistance with finding a member of the clergy to help with this process. They can make suggestions on individuals who provide the service and help a family create a eulogy that will commemorate the life and legacy of the deceased.

Planning a funeral isn’t easy, but the caring and compassionate professionals at The Cremation Specialists of Pennsylvania are standing by 24/7 to help. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in making a loved one’s final send-off as unique and inspiring as their life.

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