What Should Be Considered In A Vertical Packaging Machine?

In many types of packaging applications in the past, there were a limited number of options for equipment and an even more limited selection of features and components to consider. Today, particularly in the options available in a vertical packaging machine, there are numerous options and features that can lead to better packaging for a variety of needs.

Specifically, the vertical packaging machine works to complete the bag formation, filling and sealing all in one process. This equipment is often called a VFFS machine which stands for vertical form fill seal and, with their compact and efficient bagging methods, they are extremely efficient and fast without compromising on production ability.

Bagging Requirements

The VFFS machine uses film to form the bags. Various machines are designed to handle specific widths of the film, which will translate into the width of the bag that is produced. Generally, bag length will also have to be considered although there is usually more of significant variation allowed on most equipment.

Production Speed

One of the most often overlooked aspects of the vertical packaging machine is the production speed. Typically, most buyers only consider the top speed of production on the line when choosing equipment.

It is also important to consider the lowest possible rate of speed. This will be reported in BPM or bags per minute. Keep in mind that buying equipment that only offers the BPM required at the current time on the line doesn’t allow or any improvements or upgrades to the production line. Ideally, think into the future and consider having some reserve bagging capacity in the equipment.

Always consider the quality of the craftsmanship of the machine, the reputation of the company and the experience of the manufacturing in producing equipment for your industry.

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