How to Better Protect Expensive Equipment and Parts During Shipping

Although many types of equipment are heavy, it doesn’t protect these items from damage by being jostled and disturbed during shipping. Smaller parts are even more vulnerable to damage. The use of a high-quality automated skid wrapping machine helps secure these expensive items to the skid for safer transport. Make sure your customers are completely satisfied with their equipment or parts delivery.

Over-Size Equipment Placed on Skids

Wrapping costly equipment placed on shipping skids must be done right to make sure it gets to the intended destination without damage. Whether you sell, rent, or repair equipment, you want to provide as much protection as possible in safely getting them to your customers. A skid wrapping machine ensures all parts of the equipment are kept in place and guarded against damage with a tough plastic covering. It adds another layer of security to protect your investment and the product customers are counting on for delivery.

Smaller or Loose New and Replacement Parts

You can place small, loose parts in bins, or boxes, but what happens if the materials fail along the route for delivery? A trustworthy skid wrapping machine will wrap the products in a way that attaches them snugly to the skid. Reduction in the movement of the load will help keep the containment materials in better condition. You’ll never worry about the parts coming up short.

Hard-to-Stack Parts

Oddly shaped parts can be difficult to place on skids and impossible to expect they’ll stay in place during transport. Wrapping machines automate the process of securing these parts to the skid. It’s an effortless way to transport any type of part throughout the world.

The high cost of specialized equipment and parts requires putting every effort into safeguarding their condition through shipping and delivery. Add an automated machine that wraps your skids for the best end-results.

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