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What if I Can’t Afford Cremation? Here’s 6 Helpful Options

The cost of cremation services can be a concern for those facing financial difficulties. From financial assistance programs to the Mother Teresa Program, you have affordable cremation options in Brownstown and beyond. Check with your funeral home director to see if any of these programs would apply to your particular situation:

Option 1: Financial Assistance Programs

Many states, including Michigan, offer financial assistance to help individuals cover funeral and cremation costs. Programs provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) can support those who qualify based on income and other eligibility criteria.

Option 2: County Indigent Burial Programs

Several counties have indigent burial or cremation programs to assist individuals who cannot afford funeral or cremation services. These programs ensure that individuals receive a respectful disposition of their remains. Contact your county’s Department of Health and Human Services or local social services office for information on eligibility and available assistance.

Option 3: The Mother Teresa Program

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) offers the Mother Teresa Program, which provides sacred and dignified funeral, cremation, and cemetery services to those in need. The program serves individuals facing financial difficulties and ensures they receive compassionate care. You do not need to be Catholic to qualify.

Option 4: Crowdfunding and Community Support

By reaching out to friends, family, and the wider community, you can create a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs. Additionally, local charitable organizations and religious institutions may offer support or guidance during this challenging time.

Option 5: Donation to Medical Schools or Research Institutions

Consider the option of donating the body to medical schools or research institutions. These institutions may cover the costs associated with cremation or use the remains for educational or scientific purposes. However, you should contact these organizations to understand their requirements and procedures beforehand.

Option 6: Pre-planning and Pre-payment Options

Finally, pre-planning and pre-payment can help alleviate some financial burdens for you and your loved ones. And, with some non-profits, everyone qualifies for the pre-planning finance option. Contact Our Lady of Hope Cemetery today to learn more.

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