What Does a DUI Lawyer in Charleston Recommend When Being Pulled Over?

Many people are pulled over every day. Most of the time, they’re going to be given a warning or a ticket and told to go on their way. If the officer has a suspicion they have been drinking, however, they may be asked to step out of the car and be investigated for a DUI charge. Whether or not a person is guilty of driving under the influence, a DUI Lawyer in Charleston will tell them that how they handle being pulled over and investigated is going to have a large impact on the outcome of their case.

A person should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. They should place the vehicle in park, turn it off, and place their hands on top of the dash where they can be clearly seen. Never reach for identification or paperwork until asked for it, especially if it is located in the glove box, back of the vehicle, or in another area the officer cannot see clearly.

Speak to the officer politely and follow all directions. It’s okay for a person to ask why they were pulled over, but they should not admit to anything. Provide any paperwork when the officer asks. A person should always avoid saying more than necessary without consulting a DUI Lawyer in Charleston. Answer the officer’s questions if it is possible to do so without admitting to committing a crime, or ask to speak with a lawyer before answering the questions.

Try to relax and follow any directions from the officer. If they ask the person to step out of the vehicle, the person should not argue. If the officer asks the person to take a blood alcohol content test (BAC), it’s a good idea to agree to take it. West Virginia has an implied consent law, so a failure to do this results in an automatic license suspension and a fine.

If the person is arrested and charged with a DUI, the next step is going to be to hire a DUI Lawyer in Charleston as quickly as possible. A DUI Lawyer in Charleston will help them avoid the maximum penalties for a DUI and may be able to have the charges dismissed in some cases.

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