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Swimming Pool Supplies In Kansas City That Guarantee Clear Water

Swimming pool water that isn’t clean is not only unattractive, but it can cause health issues. To keep the water clear and healthy, swimming pool owners must add the right amount of chemicals to the water. Before heading to a store that sells Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City, read the information below to learn about the chemicals you’ll need.

Test Strips

Having plenty of test strips on hand at the beginning of summer is very important because you don’t want to start adding various chemicals to your pool without testing the water first. This can get the pool water way off balance and it could take a long time before it’s back to normal. Test strip kits are simple to use because a test strip is dipped into the water and the results appear immediately. After reading the results of the test, swimming pool owners can add the needed chemicals and then test the pool a few hours later.


This is a very important chemical for the pool because it eliminates bacteria and algae from the water. Chlorine is available in various forms including granules, tablets and sticks. Many pool owners purchase a floating chlorine dispenser that gradually dissolves chlorine tablets into the pool. This is a simple and convenient way to ensure that chlorine is consistently added to the pool.

Shock Treatment

It’s recommended that pool owners add a shock treatment to their pool once every week to get rid of the contaminants in the water. Add the shock treatment at night before going to bed so the chemical has plenty of time to work before anyone gets in the pool the next day.


To keep the pool water from turning green and slimy, pool owners add an algaecide to their list when shopping for Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City. This chemical not only gets rid of any existing algae in the pool, but it also keeps new algae from growing.

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