What do keratin hair treatments do?

Keratin straightening and other hair treatments give smooth, straight hair that stays free of curls of several months after the treatment. Keratin straightening is a service that is offered in the better salons and the treatment can easily last at least an hour. The process is often referred to as Brazilian straightening as it was in Brazil that the treatments were first done. The treatment fortifies the hair by applying keratin which is a naturally occurring protein and then using various chemicals to alter the hair structure to make it stay straight.

Keratin is a protein which is found in mammals, it is in hooves, horns, hair, wool, etc. Since straightening hair is normally referred to as keratin straightening it is easy to misunderstand that it is not keratin that straightens the hair. During the straightening process keratin is applied to first repair any damage to the hair and correct flaws within the hair itself. It is keratin that gives hair its shine and reduces the frizz but it does not actually straighten the hair, this is done with chemicals.

After the application of keratin the salon operator mixes a cocktail of chemicals which are added to the hair, it is these chemicals that alter the structure of the individual strands of hair. Once the chemicals have done their job the hair is then flat ironed to lock in the desired effect.

As hair is different from one person to the next some people find that keratin straightening works as advertised while others do not. One of the chemical components used to alter the hair structure is formaldehyde and there are those who are concerned with being exposed to this dangerous chemical. Although some treatments continue to use formaldehyde, many of the newer treatments do not. If the treatment you are using does contain formaldehyde it is a good idea to wear a filtering mask during the process.

Keratin hair treatments are available in better salons across the country. As new versions of the treatment hit the market many salons will offer discounts as a way of promoting it. When you are considering keratin straightening ask the salon to show you pictures of before and after to see the expected results and don’t be afraid to inquire about the chemicals used.

Keratin straightening will keep your hair straight, soft and smooth for up to three months. Make an appointment today with Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa.

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